Persona by Marina Rinaldi Short wool blend coat ODNUNYJ

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High quality fabric and a pure classic cut: these are the ingredients for this short Persona coat by Marina Rinaldi. It perfectly qualifies for the cool season with its dense felt with wool, mohair and alpaca properties. The clean silhouette, including concealed buttons, creates a fashionable look.


  • tightly woven felted wool with alpaca and mohair
  • Lined
  • Long sleeves
  • v-neckline with lapels
  • three concealed buttons
  • attached pockets
  • short a-line cut
  • dry clean
  • The total length for a UK size is .


Lining: 100% acetate | 30% acrylic, 25% wool, 20% polyester , 10% alpaca, 10% mohair, 5% polyamide

Did you know?

Mohair: hair from angora goats is used to create this type of wool. The animals are generally shorn twice a year and care is taken to not harm the animal. The hair has a silky and elegant lustre and is non-pilling.

Alpaca: alpaca fleece comes from the South American alpaca which is shorn every two years. The fibre is fine, soft and slightly curly and is excellent for providing insulation.

Wool: A natural fibre, wool is an insulator which means it is very warm to wear. It's resilient and elastic and so garments can stretch comfortably with you, then easily return to their natural shape. It's non-allergenic, so good for people with skin sensitivity, is flame retardant and even dirt and stain resistant. What's more, it's very biodegradable, so at the end of its life you can happily dispose of your garment knowing it won't have an environmental impact.

Felt: is no longer only made of wool, but can also be made of synthetic fibres. Different methods are used to matt or compress the fibres to create a dense, interlocked surface. The result is a very warm fabric.

Persona by Marina Rinaldi Short wool blend coat ODNUNYJ